Underdog is back!  That’s right folks, the famed flying, talking, caped dog has grown up from his original cartoon roots and exploded into the big screen.  And now, Underdog is available on DVD.

Underdog stars Patrick Warburton, Brad Garrett, and the vocal talents of both Amy Adams of Enchanted and Jason Lee of My Name Is Earl.

In Capital City, there lives a mad scientist, Dr. Simon Barsinister, well known for his mysterious experiments.  But when one of those sinister experiments goes dreadfully wrong, an ordinary dog named Shoeshine becomes transformed into Underdog, a crime fighting superhero.  Not only that, but he can now talk!  After hooking up with a human pal and actually dressing like a superhero, he decides to protect all of Capital City from the evil which amok.  In particular, he vows to protect a special spaniel named Polly Purebred.  But Dr. Barsinister hatches a plot to destroy the town and it’s up to Underdog to save the day.

This DVD is a cinematic disappointment.  With a talent like Jason Lee, who was amazing in Dogma, one would certainly anticipate that the movie would have been better.  Yet it was not.  It’s another Disney movie, so let’s be honest with ourselves.  The bar wasn’t set too high on this one.  But the film still fell short.

This DVD serves up a whole litter of special features.  There is a bloopers reel, deleted scenes, a music video of doggy rap by Kyle Massey, a featurette about what acting with a dog is like, and, to top it all off, an original cartoon episode of Underdog, “Safe Wait.”  Those bonus scenes make a forgettable cinematic experience into one slightly more tolerable.

Underdog is served a tad under ripe, but still dishes out a few bites worth swallowing down.  If you are older than six, or don’t have Disney bedsheets on your twin bed at home, don’t expect much more than a tolerably dismal time of a viewing of this film.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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