The Complete Second Season

One of my roommates grew up in Brazil and has nothing but contempt for the television shows they have down there.  It’s all Japanese gameshows and those horrible telenovelas.  So imagine my horror at seeing some of the shows that have come on to American television in the last couple of years.  Wipeout, I Survived A Japanese Game Show, all those terrible gameshows make me think I’m living in Japan.  It’s like watching MXC, without it being funny at all.  Not only that, but one of the most watched shows in the nation is based off of a Columbian telenovela.  Now there’s a chance for you to catch that show for yourself.

Starting this September 9th, now available as a DVD boxed set from ABC Studios and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the next season of the show about beautiful and ugly people.  Ugly Betty – The Complete Second Season is ready to strut into your living room and show you what fashion is all about.  Bring home this runaway runway hit today!

This DVD boxed set includes all eighteen episodes (shortened due to the writer’s strike) of the hit second season of this show.  Betty is still working at for Mode, still trying to find the man she needs in her life.  As can be expected with this show, lots of craziness ensues.  Mo’Nique has a recurring role as does rocker Gene Simmons at the top of his game.  How can what happens in this season be described?  It looks like this – people almost get married, people die, people get fired, people go to jail, people break out of jail, Betty has a new man in her life, but maybe not and that’s just barely the beginning.  You have to watch it to believe it all.

The special features included in this DVD boxed set are a look behind the scenes at what life on the set is really like, a featurette about what happens every day with the actors, a look into the character of Wilhelmina Slater, a featurette about how much people relate to and love Betty, a look at the telenovela this show is based off of, a blooper reel and a selection of deleted scenes which did not make the final broadcast cut of the television show.

My very subjective opinion is that this show is terrible.  Yet America Ferrera has won both an Emmy and a Golden Globe, so there must be parts of this show which other people enjoy.  It is somewhat funny, to be sure, but it’s much more of a soap opera than anything else.  I have nothing against nighttime soap operas – two of my favorite shows are One Tree Hill and Desperate Housewives.  Yet this show just does it so much more pathetically that I can’t stand it.  Nonetheless, I can certainly understand why people do in fact enjoy this show.  I just don’t.

Love it or hate it, this show’s Ugly either way.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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