I remember back in elementary school when we had the nutrition pyramid painted on the cafeteria wall and every other lesson seemed to be about health.  Based on how I look today, it seems as though most of those lessons failed to sink in.  But if those lessons were as much fan as this one, then that would probably be a different story right about now.

Starting this April 29th, now available from PorchLight Home Entertainment and The Trevor Romain Company is the latest DVD release from motivational speaker and television personality from Trevor Romain.  If You Don’t Take Care Of Your Body, Where Else Are You Going To Live? is now ready to take home and help teach your children about the importance of taking their fitness seriously.

If You Don’t Take Care . . . consists of two separate episodes.  The first episode is Field Day To The Extreme.  In this episode, three students at James Tovar Middle School are taking part in Field Day, a day full of physical activities and fun.  Yet all three soon discover that they aren’t able to complete their tasks.  They turn to Trevor Romain to find out why.  The second episode is Tips For Becoming Fun-ergized!  In this episode, Trevor teaches about the importance of a healthy lifestyle through a thirty day fitness challenge to Jack and his friends.  They learn that when they take care of their bodies, everything is more fun for them.

The special features included on this disc include subtitles in Spanish, Trevor speaking live about how vital health is, an interview with Trevor Romain, and a music video and karaoke feature for the song “Move Everybody.”

Fitness is vitally important for our children.  As parents, we are letting them become too fat and live too sedentary a lifestyle.  And it really is only our fault.  This DVD provides an excellent way to gently educate your children ages six and up to how vital an attention to health is.  And when they see how fun Trevor Romain can make fitness, they’ll be a little less resistant the next time you kick them off the couch.

If You Don’t Take Care . . . is a wonderfully illustrative tale about the importance of taking care of your body.

PorchLight Home Entertainment is a division of PorchLight Entertainment, a media production and distribution company which remains dedicated to providing high-quality family friendly media.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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