More than meets the eye.  That is not only the original tag line for the Transformers brand of toys and the early television show.  Nor does it only apply to the Camero, the Semi Truck, the Rescue Vehicle, the GMC Truck, the Boombox, the Cell Phone, the Fighter Jet, the Tank, the Helicopter, or the Minesweeper (as those are items in the movie which turn out to be Transformers – robots in disguise).  It does not even simply refer to the characters in the movie – Shia Labeouf and his key to the All-Spark, Meghan Fox and her criminal past, or the guy who plays Dex in the commercials and now believed her can actually act.  More than meets the eye also applies to the new movie, Transformers, by Michael Bay.  It will be released as a Two Disc Special Edition DVD on October 16th.

Bay, in Transformers, has made a film which is, per usual Bay theatricals, full of military hardware, overwhelming explosions, and a stunning composite of live action stunts and CGI.  The visual effects are the best part of the movie by far, but the movie is not simply eye candy for film fans.  It is also a heartwarming tale about belonging, acceptance, peace, and family.  And fight scenes which are so flashy they can blind you.  Let’s not get too caught in the acting in a Michael Bay film.  Pulling a Ray Bradbury of sorts, Bay even goes to the length of having a character reference his earlier film, Armageddon, as a benchmark of sorts which this newer effort is clearly surpassing.

But if one were focus on the acting itself, there is much good to be seen there as well.  Young Shia puts in a great performance and the cast is nailed firm by two Johns who are legends in their own right – Turturro and Voight.  Perhaps the greatest acting comes from Optimus Prime, who must explain why the Autobots care for humanity and the Decepticons despise them while still fighting massive transforming robots throughout the Las Angeles area.  From fight scenes in the Hoover Dam to car chases in suburbia, Michael Bay has made a great film this time around.

Also available exclusively on the Two Disc DVD is an entire disc of special features.  This second disc is chock full of extras, literally hours of footage from when the camera stops running.  Every part of the film and the story behind it is examined.  This is a great addition to an already incredible film.

Available October 16th, this DVD is available at

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