I’m a biker.  Not the chopper kind, but the kind in the cool gloves and space-age fabric jerseys and compression shorts.  There is one bike in the world that I want above everything else.  Puma, the company you probably know best for making track jackets and expensive shoes, makes a bicycle as a part of their Urban Mobility project.  It’s small, glows in the dark, has dual disc brakes (super cool!), is fixed gear (that means you’re a hard-core biker) and, the best part, it is completely collapsible to little larger than a paper grocery bag.  The connection to this DVD is that the bike transforms and that’s what makes it so crazy cool.  Now there’s a new DVD out about other pretty cool things which also transform.

Starting this August 19th, now available on DVD from Hasbro and Paramount Home Entertainment comes the first season of one of the most compelling stories about inter-galactic robots ever told.  Transformers Animated – Season One is ready to burst through your television screen and transform a normal afternoon into a super fun one!  Bring home this robotic treat today!

In this first season, due to the television special which came first, the Autobots are already well known in Detroit and respected as helpful robots.  Megatron is defeated, but has come to life, albeit in a dismembered state in Sari’s father’s lab.  Now he is working on getting himself back to full state so he and the rest of the Decepticons can defeat Optimus Prime and the rest of the silly Autobots who believe that humans are important.  The Dinobots show up, some ghosts from the pasts of both Ratchet and Optimus Prime appear to haunt them and some things just go plain haywire.  Will the Autobots be able to protect Sari and Earth and stay together as a team?  You’ll have to watch it to find out.

The special features included in this DVD are a photo gallery which provides a sneak peak into the second season of this show and optional Spanish audio tracks for each episode.

Even as an adult, I find this television show surprisingly entertaining.  Maybe it’s that Neanderthal side of me which still finds it entertaining to see things smashed and destroyed, or the closet geek that still thinks robots are one of the coolest things ever, but there is some gut connection which makes this one of the most enjoyable kids shows out there today.  Your kids will love this show.  It takes place in a clean and friendly Detroit, obviously the fiction part of science fiction, and there is not a single Arab person to be seen in the whole show, which is certainly different from the times I’ve been there.  Your children will enjoy the relationships in the show between Sari and the Transformers and there are just enough little life lessons mixed in that your kids will be learning without even knowing it.  This is one children’s show I can recommend without reservation.

This DVD will Transform any time into serious fun!

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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