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I was born a touch too late to be a part of the original Transformers craze.  I had a couple toys which transformed, but they were generic and were never the specific robots from the television shows or movies.  I understand the attraction to the show though, there is something compelling about hidden heroes.  It’s like the standard superhero narrative, someone hidden in plain sight, but this time they’re robots!  What’s not to like about that.  Now there is a new and definitive collection of television shows about those brave Autobots and devious Decepticons.

Starting this July 22, now available as a special collector’s edition DVD boxed set from Hasbro Studios and Paramount Home Entertainment comes the largest collection of shows ever from the world’s most exciting robot adventures.  Transformers – Cybertron – The Ultimate Collection is ready to smash its way into your living room and take your sense of excitement captive.  Bring this monumental boxed set home today!

All of the Transformers, both the good Autobots and the evil Decepticons, come from their home planet of Cybertron.  Now, after millennia of safety, something terrible threatens Cybertron – a black hole.  Optimus Prime and his Autobots must race across the universe to find the scattered and very important Cyber Planet Keys.  The Decepticons are after them too.  After all, those keys hold the greatest power in the galaxy, the ability to unlock Cybertron into the largest Transformer ever seen.  Can the Autobots save the universe in time?

Sadly, this special collector’s edition DVD boxed set does not include any special features.  The inclusion of nearly anything would have been amazing, but the simple fact that the boxed set contains seven DVDs and 59 television episodes is more than enough already.

This boxed set contains just over 19 hours of television shows.  I don’t think even a boxed set of Frasier holds that much at once.  The animation is sharp, the stories are good, and the obligatory plot twists are fairly fresh, all in all.  I know it’s very nerd chic to be loving on these transforming robots right now and that’s perfectly fine.  It is a compelling fascination.  But even without nostalgia and the roots of choppy animation, this boxed set, judged solely on its own, is very good and very worth watching.  I highly recommend this boxed set for your children, or maybe even for you.

This phenomenal DVD boxed set holds the power to Transform any boring afternoon into a world of explosive fun!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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