To Catch a Thief

The era of conspicuous consumption is over.  Now it’s back to understated class and a form of restrained elegance for the rich and the rest of us still shop at Payless Shoes and eat Raman noodles.  I don’t miss the ostentatious rich and I’m certain I never will.  The McMansion has been worse for this nation that all the McDonald’s have been.  But that classic charm is still warming and now there’s a classic DVD back out about it and it’s ready on DVD now.

Starting this March 24th, now available as a two disc collector’s edition boxed set from Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes a classic movie about love and burglary and everything in between.  To Catch A Thief – Centennial Collection is ready to creep out of your television screen and bring this exciting and intriguing tale from the master of cinema into your living room.  Bring home this great classic film today!

John Robie is a retired cat burglar who spends him time on the French Riviera.  He was known as “The Cat,” but now he lives a life of glamour with the rich.  He catches the eye of wealthy and spoiled Frances Stevens and romance breaks out.  But then jewels begin disappearing around the area.  Is Robie back to his old ways or is he truly reformed?  Even worse, is he actually spending time with Frances just to get to her mother’s jewels?  It all builds to an incredible climax from the master of suspense.  This movie stars Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Jessie Royce Landis and John Williams and was directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

These two discs are loaded down with special features.  The first disc contains the film itself, along with an optional audio commentary from Drew Casper, a Hitchcock film historian.  The second disc contains a look at the Hitchcocks, a featurette about film censorship in America, a look at the writing and casting of this film, a featurette about the making of this movie, an in-depth look at Grace Kelly and Cary Grant, an appreciative look at Alfred Hitchcock and this movie, a look at Edith Head’s years at Paramount, an interactive travelogue for the film, the original theatrical trailer and still photo galleries.

This movie is great.  Although this will come as an affront to many movie lovers, I am not a Cary Grant fan.  I fall more into the Gregory Peck and Jimmy Stewart fan club.  However, I do absolutely adore Princess Grace in any movie she’s in.  She is magnificent in this movie and it is sad that she was not in more films.  Not only that, but this movie is directed by Alfred Hitchcock, the veritable king of suspense films.  And in this movie, the suspense builds deliciously.  With all the additional special features, this DVD goes from being just the film to be a whole cinematic experience.  If you like this movie, you’ll love this classic collection edition.

Catch this classic film on DVD again!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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