Tinker Bell

I really enjoy the story of Peter Pan and his lost boys.  It’s probably the flying and the sword fights, because both are things that I wish I could enjoy far more often in my every day life.  It’s a tale of adventure and pirates and a ticking crocodile, all of which are very interesting.  Now there is a new film out about one of the pivotal yet minor characters in that great story.

Starting this October 28th, now available on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the most anticipated story of one of the greatest fairies of all time.  Tinker Bell is ready to come flying out of your television and take your heart by surprise with tales of friendship and magical wonder.  Bring home this compelling and magical film today!

This film takes on a journey into the hidden land of Pixie Hollow and we get to hear Tink’s voice for the first time ever in this tale of friendship and magic.  The seasons change four times each year and it’s the fairies that make this change special.  Tinker Bell and her four best fairy friends, each with a different hair color, are in charge of turning winter into spring this year and they feel up for the adventure.  It turns out to be harder work than they thought, but they learn the important lesson of being true to themselves along the way.

The special features included in this disc are a selection of deleted scenes, a new music video from Selena Gomez, a look into creating this movie, a magical guide to the world of fairies, a look into what it is that pixies really do and a brand-new DVD-ROM game for you to enjoy.

This is a wholly enjoyable movie.  Tinker Bell is one of the truly iconic characters which have been created by Disney and she has really gone on into a life of her own.  Tink was initially little more than a sidekick to Peter Pan, and not even that pivotal of one to begin with.  Yet she has staying power and this first full-length movie of hers goes a long way to show why.  Young children, girls especially, seem to be particularly enamored with the idea of being a princess or having a fun cabal of girl friends.  This movie taps into both desires and the results are simply magical.

Ring a Bell with this great film.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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