I’m not much into magic or magical anything.  That eliminates most fantasy writing, a lot of video games and a host of other things.  The one exception I do make is the novels and novellas of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the father of Magical Realism.  Also, I like the Force and the mystical power that guides the last three seasons of Battlestar Galactica.  So I’m not entirely consistent, but I really do understand the attraction that people have to magic and magical things.  Now the newest adventure of one of our favorite magical beings is ready for you to bring home today!

Starting this October 27th, now available in a combination Blu-ray Disc and DVD bonus pack from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the next chapter in the exciting adventures of the greatest fairy out there and all of her best friends too.  Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure – Blu-ray Disc is ready to come swirling out of your television screen and fill your entire living room with the magical and compelling adventures from Pixie Hollow.  Bring home this great new story today!

It is autumn and that means that it’s just about time for the Autumn Revelry in Pixie Hollow.  Because the blue harvest moon will be making an appearance, the pixies will be able to use a magical and rare moonstone to restore the Pixie Dust Tree.  That tree is the wellspring of all magic within Pixie Hollow.  But then something goes terribly wrong.  Tinker Bell accidentally endangers this magical restoration and so sets off across the world to set things right.  Along the way, she gets help from her old friend Terence and a new firefly friend, Blaze.  But will she be able to fix what has gone so wrong in time?

The special features in this combination pack are quite numerous.  First among them is having both a Blu-ray and DVD copy of the film.  There are also a magical guide to Pixie Hollow, a great look at making the Pixie Hollow attraction at Disney World, some hilarious bloopers, a brand-new music video and an exciting collection of deleted scenes.

This movie just might be even better than the first movie about Tinker Bell.  It’s a whole lot of fun and it is an unquestionable bargain to get the Blu-ray and the DVD in the same package.  The main point of this movie is that friendship is the most important thing in our lives and that we can’t be ourselves without it.  I strongly agree and think that this in an incredible message to be giving our kids.  Not to mention, message aside, this movie is highly enjoyable and features some magnificent animation.  I know several people who have already bought this movie for their kids and I suggest that you run out and do the same thing right away.  It is one purchase that you will not regret in the least.

Don’t be Lost without this great new movie!

This Blu-ray Disc is available at Amazon.com.

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