I love the story of the three little pigs and not just because bacon tastes fantastic.  I like to view this story as the tale of a capitalist, the wolf, who sees a market of people and seeks to exploit them for his personal satisfaction.  Different groups of exploitable workers, the three pigs, try to find ways to stay safe – faith in humanity, collective bargaining – before the man/wolf gains advantage and huffs and puffs and blows them down.  It isn’t until they retreat into the dictatorship of the proletariat, the brick house, that they are safe and destroy the capitalist.  Not really at all, but wouldn’t it be great if all of our childhood fairy tales had dark and sinister meanings behind them?  Even if they don’t, you can enjoy some of the in their original Walt Disney glory.

Starting this May 12th, now available on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes a collection of classic animations from the history of Walt Disney Studios available for your home theater for the first time ever.  Three Little Pigs – Walt Disney Animation Collection Classic Short Films is ready to climb right out of your television screen and bring a world of fascination and old-timey animation into your living room.  Bring home this wonderful look back at the history of animation today!

This DVD contains seven short films – “Three Little Pigs,” “The Big Bad Wolf,” “Three Little Wolves,” “Lambert The Sheepish Lion,” “Chicken Little,” “Three Blind Mouseketeers” and “Elmer Elephant.”  Just to go over a couple of them, “Three Little Pigs” is, of course, a story about the three little pigs who run from the big, wolf who is trying to eat them.  “Chicken Little” is the hilariously alarmist story of a (yellow and fluffy) chick who gets hit on the head with an acorn and thinks the sky is falling to the consternation of everyone.  “Lambert The Sheepish Lion” is the charming and delightful tale of a lion who grows up thinking he’s a sheep until the day he’s forced to defend the flock against another bad wolf.

The special features included in this DVD of classic animations are Dolby Digital Surround Sound, the Disney FastPlay option, English, French and Spanish subtitles and a collectible litho print from one of the short films on this DVD.

All of the animations in this DVD feel as though I’ve gotten done with a hard day in the fields during the Dust Bowl and managed to sneak into a movie theater and catch the newsreel before the latest flick.  That’s not a bad feeling, but I certainly don’t think it’s one that today’s children will be able to fully appreciate.  That said, Chicken Little is one of the greatest children’s stories of all time.  It’s all about the dangers of being a reactionary and being far too worrisome.  That’s a fantastic lesson and one that children these days can never start learning too soon.  For that reason alone, you should bring this DVD home today!

Bring home this Classic today!

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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