The Great Discovery

Ringo Starr was the narrator for the Thomas & Friends shows for a very long time.  To be honest, that is probably the most important contribution any member of the Beatles or the band as a whole ever made to the world of entertainment.  But now there’s a new face in town, Pierce Brosnan, and a chance to get to hear him for the first time ever on the Island of Sodor.

Starting this September 9th, now available on DVD from HIT Entertainment and Lionsgate Home Entertainment comes the first ever feature length DVD from the Island of Sodor.  Thomas & Friends – The Great Discovery is ready to chug-chug-chug its way into your living room and into your heart.  Bring home the next chapter of this wholesome and timeless television series today.

Pierce Brosnan narrates a Thomas show for the first time ever on this feature length DVD.  In this film, Thomas and James are racing across Sodor when Thomas accidentally stumbles upon the long-lost town of Great Waterton.  Sir Topham Hatt decides that it should be restored for Sodor Day and that none other than the great discoverer himself, Thomas, will be put in charge of doing so.  While Thomas is busy, Stanley, a new engine, arrives and Thomas feels threatened because Stanley is just a little bit better than Thomas in every way.  Thomas sets a trap for him, but falls into it himself.  With Thomas missing and Sodor Day in jeopardy, it’s up to Stanley to save the day and teach Thomas an important lesson about teamwork at the same time.

The special features included in this DVD are a look behind the scenes with Pierce Brosnan, several featurettes which will help your children learn, including “Spot The Difference,” “Tough Trucks,” and “Thomas Puzzle Parts,” and a music video for the song “Thomas You’re The Leader.”

I have loved this show since the very first time I saw it on PBS as a child.  The shows were more grainy back then and smacked of the 70s.  It has been exciting to watch the series continue to grow and become bigger and better all the time.  The toys which spin off from the series are always fun to play with even for me at my older age now.  This is the type of show our children should be watching.  The musical numbers are excellent and Pierce Brosnan hits it out of the park in his inaugural narrator role.  Teamwork and friendship have never looked this good.  This feature length DVD is hopefully indicative of more and better things to come from this storied and well-respected franchise.

Discover this heart-warming classic today!

HIT Entertainment is one of the world’s leading independent children’s entertainment producers and has teamed up with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment to release a whole set of child content and themed DVD boxed sets.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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