Trains are perhaps the most entertaining mode of transportation.  They are both nostalgic and futuristic, depending on what sort of trains you are thinking of.  In America, trains are mostly relegated to an irrelevant past.  In Japan, they are fast, magnetic, and from the future.  In Britain, trails are revered, a monument to the their past and the public future.  It only makes sense that the most popular television shows about trains, Thomas & Friends came from England.  With frequent voice overs by Ringo Star and a great combination of actual moving trains and stop motion animation, Thomas & Friends is a deserving hit.

This last October 16th, HIT Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment released a collection of Thomas & Friends shows as a DVD boxed set – Thomas & Friends – Steam Engine Stories.

Bring Thomas and his Friends into your children’s lives and they will quickly gain new friends, along with learning valuable and relevant life lessons about kindness, teamwork, individuality, and friendship.

Included on this DVD boxed set are “Tales From The Tracks,” “Come Ride The Rails,” and “Track Stars.”  In “Tales From The Tracks,” we go off for fun adventures with Thomas and meet the newest engines, Neville and Mighty Mac.  In “Come Ride The Rails,” travel along to great destinations and meet the next newest team member, Molly.  In “Track Stars,” your children will enjoy riding along with Thomas, Emily, Percy and James to great new adventures on the Island of Sodor!

This DVD boxed set of  Thomas & Friends: Steam Engine Stories has156 minutes of Thomas and Friends fun!

HIT Entertainment is one of the world’s leading independent children’s entertainment producers and has teamed up with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment to release a whole set of child content and themed DVD boxed sets.

This DVD boxed set is available at

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