High Speed Adventures

It’s sad that travel by train has nearly died in America.  It’s a great way to travel, a way to see the country around you as you pass on by to your destination.  Trains are delightfully claustrophobic and you form camaraderie with those stuck on those rails with you.  If the trains could talk, imagine the strange and wonderful stories they could tell.  Well, now they can and the latest assortment of what they have to say is ready on DVD right now.

Starting this March 31st, now available on DVD from Lionsgate Productions and HIT Entertainment comes the next adventures in the lives of our favorite talking trains.  Thomas & Friends – High Speed Adventures is ready to roll out of your television screen and pull into a world of fun and friendship.  Bring home this fantastic adventure-filled DVD today!

The gang from Sodor is back and they’re just as wonderful as ever.  Tag along with Thomas and the other friendly engines as they learn about teamwork and friendship.  Watch as Gordon avoids disaster at the water works with the help of a friend, Rosie learns about following directions, we all learn about a mystical engine named Proteus, Thomas embarks on a high speed race and the Wishing Tree is in real danger.  The episodes on this DVD are “Thomas And The Billboard,” “Steady Eddie,” “Rosie’s Funfair Special,” “Mountain Marvel,” “Henry Gets It Wrong” and “Don’t Go Back.”

The special features included in this DVD are a read along with one of the episodes, a great maze adventure with Thomas and a bonus episode of Roary The Racing Car, “Big Chris Learns To Fly,” the new series from the creators of Bob The Builder.

This is now the second DVD from this show which uses CGI instead of the live-action type of animation they were using before.  It’s still a little shocking to see that when you’re used to the old way, but it’s just as enjoyable.  If anything, I actually prefer the new animation style because things seem a little crisper and it’s easy to see Sodor as a real place.  As far as these episodes go, they are all magnificent amounts of fun.  As usual, Thomas and all his pals teach your children great lessons about responsibility and doing what you’re told and being a better person.  Ride these friendly rails to an island of smiles.

It’s a real Adventure!

HIT Entertainment is one of the world’s leading independent children’s entertainment producers and has teamed up with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment to release a whole set of child content and themed DVD boxed sets.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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