I first started listening to This American Life about a year and a half ago. I downloaded the new podcast every week and, this is embarrassing to admit, but it took me a couple weeks to actually enjoy it. Somewhere in between the warmly harsh tones of the voice of Ira Glass, the Ella Fitzgerald impersonations by David Sedaris, and the sexual overtones of Dan Savage, I began to appreciate the quirky truth of This American life. Now I listen to it religiously and have all the podcasts which have come out since I first started listening to it.

Yet, even after having been attached to the show for such a short time, I was worried when I heard that Showtime had elected to create a television show based on This American Life. Rumors flew that the radio show would be canceled or cut back on, but Ira Glass was quick to assure us all that everything was okay. The show would go on, but now there would be a second on as Showtime.

Available now on DVD from Showtime Entertainment and Paramount Pictures, and available only through Borders, it’s the first season of the hit Showtime show, This American Life.

Season one of this incredible show consists of six episodes – Reality Check, Growth Spurt, The Cameraman, God’s Close-Up, My Way, and Pandora’s Box. Each show is hilarious, heartbreaking, and wholly unlike anything else. It’s not a documentary show, nor is it just funny stories. In the last year or so, the show has become more serious and weighed in on some of the more pressing issues of our time. It will be interesting to see if Showtime chooses to go the same route.

As far as special features on this disc go, well, they are presented in a widescreen format. If you want more than that, take a listen to the show from Chicago Public Radio, download some podcasts, check out the website, take in one of the traveling shows. Those are about as special as features can come.

This show is incredible. The television show uses static shots or empty frames to achieve the same introspective effect that background noise is used for in the radio show. Ira Glass is one of the greatest minds in public radio right now and his voice is beyond sublime.

Make This American Life a part of yours.

This DVD boxed set is available only at your local Borders bookstore or online at Bordersstores.com.

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