I lived with a drug addict for a year.  That’s a dirty little secret to the small fundamentalist college I went to, something they would certainly deny.  Not only was he a meth addict, but he was actively using the drug for most of the school year.  It was an experience unlike any other I had had up to that point.  There was always something happening, something new to deal with.  He almost died in my presence once, but we kept him awake and took care of him.  Another year, one of my roommates had a father who died in the middle of the night.  We woke up the next day and our roommate was gone.  We found out later why he had to leave.  Now, I didn’t personally lose a family member or be a drug addict, but I was able to see firsthand the type of turmoil it can bring in a person’s life.  Now, there is a movie out which documents those two types of unfortunate events in two different people’s lives.

Starting this March 4th, now available on DVD from Dreamworks Home Entertainment, is the latest classic from Oscar nominee Susanne Bier, Things We Lost In The Fire.  Bring home this modern classic today!

This is the story of a wife, played by Halle Berry, and her two children, who loses her husband, played by David Duchovney.  She invites his best friend , drug addicted Jerry, played by Benicio Del Toro, to the funeral and they share a connection.  Since Jerry is living in a methadone clinic, Audrey invites him to move in to their guest house and he begins to be somewhat of a father figure to the children.  He helps out Audrey a great deal, but when his drug addiction takes a turn for the worse, it is her turn to help him.
The special features on this disc include seven deleted scenes which were not included in the theatrical release of the film and a featurette featuring a discussion about Things We Lost In The Fire.

Benicio Del Toro seems to have tapped into the cottage industry of playing quiet, sad, drug addicted characters.  I knew David Duchovny would turn in a fantastic performance and he did not disappoint.  What especially impressed me was how good Halle Berry did.  I never thought of her as a good actor, but the depth and breadth of this character is simply magnificent.  The look at loss and drug addiction in this film is deep and real.  The emotional tone and weight of this film is a painfully beautiful thing.

Things We Lost In The Fire is a moving and heartfelt film about the human in each of us when we reach the bottom of our lives.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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