There are always times when you are afraid to see a move because it has been built up to such a high level that there is no you could see it and not be disappointed.  Juno was certainly one of those movies after a while.  Shrek was that movie for me and it has been ruined in my mind ever since.  From the moment one of my roommates first texted me about this movie while I was driving to Thanksgiving dinner, There Will Be Blood was placed upon the highest of pedestals.  Yet, in a drastic change from his last couple of movies (Gangs Of New York, The Crucible), Daniel Day Lewis did not disappoint.

Starting this April 8th, now available on DVD and as a special edition two disc collectors set, is the latest masterpiece from Paul Thomas Anderson.  Yes, There Will Be Blood is ready to enjoy whenever you wish.  Bring home this modern epic and re-watch Daniel Day Lewis’ stunning, and award winning, performance today.

There Will Be Blood is the story Daniel Plainview, an independent oil man at the turn of last century.  When he hits gold, he has enough money to begin drilling for oil.  One of his men dies on the first job, Daniel adopts him and raises him as his own son, H. W. Plainview.  The years pass and Plainview and his son and partner become more and more successful.  A tip for a great oil field comes to them from an unlikely source and leads to the biggest oil strike for their lives.  But the darkness which has been lurking in Daniel comes to roost for good as he develops a rivalry with the young preacher, Eli Sunday.  The rivalry enlarges to Biblical proportions and ends in the most shocking of possible ways.

The special features included in the two-disc collectors edition are a look at some of the research into the making of the film, the different trailers for the movie, a fishing sequence which was cut from the film, a scene entailing a haircut and an interrupted scene, some of the dailies from the film, and, most impressively, a black and white silent film “The Story Of Petroleum” about the oil business in the 1920s.

Daniel Day Lewis was chillingly convincing in his role as Daniel Plainview and earned the Academy Award for Best Actor without a strong competitor in side.  I’m especially proud of Paul Thomas Anderson who finally delivered with an epic film.  Boogie Nights and especially Magnolia were very powerful, but both the atmosphere and the content of this film allow him to live up to his full potential.  This is the beginning of a wonderful and professional relationship with Paul Thomas Anderson for America.  Interestingly, this movie was filmed in the same town as most of No Country For Old Men, which is fitting as the feeling of impending doom and pervasive malaise is nearly identical in each film.  This is a wonderful and incredible film.

There Will Be Blood delivers on it’s gory promise, right up to the very last second.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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