I read the press release and knew I wanted to watch this documentary by Ric Osuna. The UnAmerican Struggle has been a hit in the Film Festival world and I am sure that when goes to wider distribution it will be a huge hit.

The film looks at social issues that we face and how the 2016 election of Trump has changed the landscape, not for the better. I find it amazing that the land of inclusion has transformed to the land of exclusion.

Ric Osuna and his team have created a wonderful montage of old video footage, Trump during the 2016 election season, and commentaries from a variety of ‘stake holders’.

I know that future generations will study the 2016 election and wonder how it could have happened. I also wonder and I watched it with my own eyes. It was the perfect storm. Did Trump encourage the Alt-Right or did the Alt-Right encourage Trump? What is the Alt-Right anyway? It seems to me to be an umbrella term for all sorts of hate groups.

As I said, The UnAmerican Struggle is currently in the Film Fest world, but I do have some clips.

This first one gets my ‘Haircut Of The Year’ award

Nazi Salutes if the US, say its not so

Do words matter?

I also recommend you visit their web site.

My mother and father taught me that everyone was equal, they are! Never let bigots derail your train.


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