I watched this show when I was a child.  My sister and I used to watch it early Saturday morning, back when cartoons were something worth waking up for.  I loved it in all its cheesy glory.  We even had some ViewMaster slides that told the story of several episodes from this first season.  Imagine my surprise when I popped in these discs and realized that I remembered most of these episodes and could even recite some of the dialogue from memory.  I didn’t know this show had made such an impression on me.  But now you have the chance to have that impression made upon you when you bring home this great boxed set today!

Starting this June 16th, now available as a three disc boxed set from SHOUT Factory and Hasbro, Inc. comes the definitive edition of the first season of the greatest television show about robots ever made just in time for its quarter century anniversary.  The Transformers – The Complete First Season – 25th Anniversary Edition is ready to come screaming out of your television screen and fill your living room with a whole mess of great robotic transforming action from your childhood and you will love it.  Bring home this wonderful boxed set today!

This first season of the original Transformers television show is one of the best seasons of a cartoon of all time.  Millions of years ago, there was a battle raging on the planet of Cybertron, a planet filled with living, thinking robots that can transform into different things.  It was between the good and outnumbered Autobots and the evil and powerful Decepticons.  They blasted off into space and both crashed down into an unpopulated planet.  Four million years later, it ends up that the planet is Earth and the Transformers are now alive in the mid-eighties.  Megatron and his evil Decepticons are out to destroy the planet and get enough Energon to blast off and go back to rule Cybertron.  But Optimus Prime and the noble Autobots are there to both stand in the way of the takeover of Cybertron and to protect the innocent and very confused people of Earth.  How will this battle end?

The special features included in this boxed set are a completely wonderful collection.  There are a great set of rare public service announcements from the Transformers, great restored quality with stereo soundtracks, a printable script from the show, a look at the origin of the show, some great classic toy commercials and a fantastic Autobot magnet that is hanging on my fridge.

This show is a delight.  The fact that it comes with a huge magnet puts this boxed set into perhaps the top three boxed sets I own.  This show is so cheesy and it is so dated and it is so wonderful because of both of those things.  Some of the sound effects are unbelievable.  I swear that some of the fight scenes are put to sounds of bowling pins being knocked over.  And since when is a semi truck ever cool?  I’m sorry, Optimus Prime, but you’re a lame Transformers.  And Megatron?  You are evil incarnate and you turn into a pistol that has to be shot by other Transformers?  Weak sauce, but awesome television.

Transform your day with this great television show today!

This 2th Anniversary Edition DVD Boxed Set is available at Amazon.com.

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