The story of the tortoise and the hare is one of the best of the fables that are supposedly from Aesop.  It has all sorts of great applications to every day life – the importance of humility, having strong determination, the danger of being prideful and many other important parts of life.  I’ve always liked the story and thought it was cool, mainly because the popular and athletic person loses and gets their comeuppance.  But ever since I’ve started taking part in bike races and 5ks, it has a whole new meaning for me.  If you want to know exactly what I mean, pick this movie up today and enjoy it in classic fashion.

Starting this May 12th, now available on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes a collection of classic animations from the history of Walt Disney Studios available for your home theater for the first time ever.  The Tortoise And The Hare – Walt Disney Animation Collection Classic Short Films is ready to climb right out of your television screen and bring a world of fascination and old-timey animation into your living room.  Bring home this wonderful look back at the history of animation today!

This DVD contains six different short films – “The Tortoise And The Hare,” “Babes In The Woods,” “The Saga Of Windwagon Smith,” “The Goddess Of Spring,” “Toby Tortoise Returns” and “Paul Bunyan.”  Just to touch on a few of these, “The Tortoise And The Hare” is exactly the story most of us have known.  Max Hare and Toby Tortoise are in a race, but Max is by far faster, so he stops to take a nap and try and grab some tail.  Toby, on the other hand, tries hard and keeps on going, no matter how slow it gets, until he finally wins.  “The Goddess Of Spring” is the story of the goddess of Spring and all her animal friends who look like Art Deco cutouts that would feel at home in a Frank Lloyd Wright house.  “Paul Bunyan” is the story of that great axeman, one of the most famous Minnesotans of all time.

The special features included in this DVD of classic animations are Dolby Digital Surround Sound, the Disney FastPlay option, English, French and Spanish subtitles and a collectible litho print from one of the short films on this DVD.

As I stated earlier, this is one of my favorite stories and it’s very enjoyable to see it in this fashion.  It’s a wonderful tale that has greatly appreciated insights that children and adults both need to know.  The story about the Spring goddess is one of the strangest in this entire series, especially in the animation style that is used.  It’s a neat story, but it’s completely trippy.  Then I have to give some love to the big man and his blue ox.  He’s from Minnesota and I live their, he cuts down trees and eats lots of food and I read about him doing those things.  It’s a very interesting story and I like way this specific animation tells the tale of him and all of his exploits.  Bring home this great collection of classic animations today!

Bring home this Classic today!

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