When I was in high school, I was lucky enough to get to spend about a week in Ireland.  I went with my high school band and toured nearly the entire country.  It was a beautiful place and I got to see the oceans and the peat bog marshes and the hills and valleys and all the old castles.  The food was great and the people were wonderful.  It was an experience that I have never forgotten and I wasn’t aware how much of an impact it made and just how much I have missed those quiet countrysides until I watched this movie.  Now you can bring it home on DVD today!

Starting this July 11th, now available on DVD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and MGM Home Entertainment comes an Irish movie about the collapse of the Irish economy told through the life of one man who was at the top and ended up somewhere else.  The Tiger’s Tail is ready to come roaring out of your television screen and fill your living room with an exciting and confusing tale about an evil doppelganger and a life falling apart.  Bring home this foreign film that you just might enjoy today!

Liam is a man who has lifted himself up by his bootstraps and become the greatest developer in all of Ireland.  Yet his son is a Communist and is becoming more and more estranged from him and his wife is fast falling out of love with him.  His company is going underwater and the entire Irish economy is crashing around him.  To top it all off, Liam is beginning to see his double wherever he goes.  It turns out that his sister is actually his mother and his father was a Catholic priest.  Now his twin brother is out to take over his life and replace Liam.  But Liam’s life ends up not being what his twin thought it was.  Now the twins must meet and see how to live both of their lives in better ways.  This movie stars Kim Catrall, Brendan Gleeson, Ciaran Hinds and was directed by John Boorman.

This DVD, regrettably, does not come with any special features.  I certainly would have liked some bonus materials that talked about the economy more or even just went over some of the stuff they did in Ireland for this movie.

This movie was better than I had anticipated, but still not a real blockbuster.  Brendan Gleeson is great in his role and I especially loved his son the Communist.  That put a delightful spin on the normal tension between father and son because one was a compromising capitalist and the other a compromised Communist.  Kim Catrall isn’t very dynamic at all, but at least her accent is real.  She’s actually English, something I did not know prior to watching this movie.  Ciaran Hinds is in this movie and his character does much to shed light on the problem that priest abuse played on the current generation in Ireland.  Bring home this movie today for a great look at a wonderful country.

Catch this Tiger today!

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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