I’ve met some people who are really into that King Arthur, Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table thing.  I fail to understand the connection.  So there was magic and dragons and everyone was covered in excrement and wore burlap and it was a xenophobic and fundamentalist time.  That sounds nothing close to compelling in my mind.  The best treatment of the myth I have ever seen was Monty Python And The Holy Grail.  But here is a story which captures the whimsy and what little bit of seriousness there is in the tale.

Starting this June 17th, now available as a 45th Anniversary Edition DVD from Disney DVD and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes one of the most pervasive mythologies of the western world.  The Sword In The Stone is ready to erupt from your television screen into your living room and sweep your children away in a torrent of fun and magic!  Bring home this delightful classic today!

This movie is the story of the legend regarding the sword in the stone.  England was without a king, but there was a magical sword stuck deep inside of a stone.  Whoever was pure of heart could pull out the sword and become the king.  Many brave knights tried, but they all failed.  Then along came Wart, a young apprentice, and with the help of Merlin and some other friends, something truly magical happens.

The special features included in this 45th Anniversary Edition DVD are a brand new Merlin’s Magical Academy game, bonus movie shorts, a selection of Disney songs, a featurette looking at the magical music from The Sherman Brothers in this film, and much, much more.

Although this is an older Disney film, I would not quite put it into the category of their golden films.  It is an interesting story and some great animation, but it smacks of Walt Disney’s sick obsession with the Old World and all that European frippery.  It’s worth the watch, but it fails to match up with the best they have made.

This Sword wields a delightful story!

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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