I don’t sail or spend much time at all on the water.  But I would like to.  Boating is just a lot of time and money and I don’t have too much of either of those right now.  Nonetheless, sailing is still really interesting and an ideal that I look up to.  Now there is a show that takes place on the water and it’s ready for you to bring home on DVD right now!

Starting this August 25th, now available on DVD from Disney Channel and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the first selection of episodes from the continuing adventures of two siblings living the privileged life.  The Suite Life On Deck – Anchors Away! is ready to come sailing out of your television screen and bring with it a look at the funny and exciting adventures of these twins.  Bring it home on DVD today!

Zack and Cody still live one of the sweetest lives you could imagine, but they have moved up in life from the Tipton Hotel.  They now live aboard a luxury cruise ship, the SS Tipton.  That’s where they go to school, live their lives, have their friendships and try desperately to hook up with women.  These two might be a little bit older, but they are still just as immature as they try to pull all sorts of pranks and just generally cause a hubbub in their new home.  All aboard for this quirky drama today!

The special features included in this DVD are two bonus episodes, a look at the premiere event for the series and an interview with Debby, the newest member of the show.

Ashley Tisdale is a gust star on one of these episodes and that makes this collection of episodes amazing.  She was the only reason I ever watched the original series.  And that’s not creepy at all, since she and I are the same age.  But on to the actual show.  It’s the normal combination of bad laugh tracks and jokes that don’t deserve that much canned laughter.  This show is shockingly oversexed.  These twins can’t be even close to their teenage year, yet they are so obsessed with hooking up that this show is unnecessarily adult.  I realize that sex sells and the sex brought on by, say, Hannah Montana is much more subliminal than this, but Disney had made a fortune straddling that line with probably deniability.  With this show, they go too far and it suffers.

It’s a Suite collection for fans of the show.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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