I read the Chronicles of Narnia books when I was a kid.  Even better, I watched the awesome BBC movies they made off of the books.  Those movies were boss.  Cheesy and compelling at the same time, there are hardly any other movies which compare to that series.  When I first heard about this movie, I totally thought that this was little more than a cheap knock-off of those books.  Yet it turned out that I was pretty wrong.  Now there is a chance for you to prove me wrong as well.

Starting this June 24th, now available in a special 2-disc field guide edition from Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures comes a tale of adventure and magical worlds around us.  The Spiderwick Chronicles is now ready to leap into your house and transport you and your family on a fantastic voyage.  Pick up this wonderful family film today!

This movie is the story of Jared Grace, played by Freddie Highmore, who has recently moved into a creepy old house with the rest of his family.  As he skulks around the dusty rooms, Jared finds Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide and learns a fantastical secret.  There is another world living right along side of us and the field guide shows him to deal with that world.  But there are creatures out there who want the book destroyed and it is now up to Jared and his brother and sister to defend the truth it shows.

The special features included in this 2-disc field guide edition are a featurette about the books this film is based upon, a look into the field guide itself, a featurette about the cast and crew of the film, a featurette about making the movie, a look into some of the special effects and a selection of deleted scenes.

This film was loads of fun.  I did not expect it to be fun at all, but the special effects are really great and the story is compelling.  See, those are the types of things I always wished would happen to me back in my childhood.  A period as banal as that could always use a dash of adventure.  I think the appeal of these films is that we always carry a touch of that desire for a fight which holds great consequence within ourselves.

These Chronicles tell a story well worth the time to see.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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