The title seemed so harmless. What could possibly go wrong? So I agreed to do a review. I don’t generally do horror movies, I think the wicked witch in Snow White is about my limit. It took less than 2 minutes for me to realize that The Song Of Solomon was not a musical with a happy ending!

After only a few minutes more, I had to take a break, the blood and gore was so realistic I had covered both my eyes and my dog’s!

I decided to find out a little bit about the ‘label’ the movie is released under, ‘Guinea Pig’. It started in Japan and released 6 horror movies that were so realistic that the makers found themselves in a court room having to prove that they had not actually killed and maimed people.

Guinea Pig found itself Personae Non Gratis in Japan, it flirted with Germany briefly, and in 2005 found a home in the US with Unearthed Films. I got even more interested when I looked up the director Stephen Biro. In part it reads:

Stephen Biro has been the President and founder of Unearthed Films Inc. A horror DVD label in the United States for over 15 years. He has written several novels dealing with his search for God on massive amounts of hallucinogens. His first book, “Hellucination” dealt with his childhood to his quest for God that would make Hunter S. Thompson blush. “Dialogue with the Devil” is his transcripted meetings with the Devil about meaning and the manipulation of mankind while, “Satan Reborn” is his fantasy book where Satan quits and Stephen takes over the Devils job to bring about the apocalypse. Stephen has produced the gut wrenching documentary and re-enactment of Unit 731 along with Andrey Iskanov in Russia with the film, “Philosophy of a Knife”.

I have digressed, lets get back to The Song Of Solomon. It is an exorcism movie with a heavy body count. I thought that the genre had been finished with the 1973 movie The Exorcist. Not so, Stephen Biro and Unearthed Films have taken the genre to a new level. Here is the trailer and even it needs treating with care:

I don’t give stars, but I will recommend that it is better seen on an empty stomach than a full one!

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