The Secret of the Magic Gourd

Who doesn’t want a friend with magical powers?  As a child, I know I wanted one so we could go on adventures and fly and eat all the ham we wanted and whatever else all those weird fantasies were back then.  Even as an adult, I want a magical friend.  Now his powers would be used to get me the newest Trek 520 or to pay off my student loans or to find that Steinbeck novel that’s been out of print for decades.  Nonetheless, it would be awesome to have a friend like that.  Now there’s a new movie out about a phenomenon which is somewhat similar.

Starting this January 27th, now available on DVD from Centro Pictures and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the story of a boy and his magical plant-like friend.  The Secret Of The Magic Gourd is ready to soar out of your television screen and wish you away into a delightful place of friendship and endless possibilities.  Bring home this imaginative and beautiful film today!

An 11 year old, very inquisitive and imaginative, goes fishing one day, but instead of fish, brings up a magical gourd he has heard about in the myths of his people.  This gourd has the power to grant wishes and so, out of gratitude, decides to help all of the boy’s dreams come true.  What actually happens is that everything gets crazy, but everyone learns that working for your dreams is more important.  This film stars the vocal talents of Drake Johnston, Takayo Fischer, Megan Hilty, Aaron Drozin, Grace Fulton, Josh Reaves, Jeremy Shada and Corbin Bleu as the Magic Gourd.

The special features included in this DVD are a large selection of hilarious bloopers, a look behind the scenes at how the movie was made, a fantastic game called Too Many Toys, a music video and language tracks in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

This movie was delightfully cute.  It teaches a great message and is absolutely hilarious along the way.  I like to think of this movie as Big Fish for children.  It has that same sort of nearly nonsensical and hopeful whimsy, although this movie is more down to earth and realistic.  It’s also nice because it doesn’t take place in the West, so that additional Far East charm does much to make the story more compelling.  I recommend this film wholeheartedly and you’ll see it’s a family film worth cherishing.

You’ll love learning this Secret!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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