Season Two, Vol. One

I enjoy watching funny shows on television.  Humor is a great balm and in times like these, we can always use a good laugh.  It can be stand-up, it can be a new comedy, it can be the classics – it just doesn’t matter.  All we need to do is laugh.  Now there’s a great chance for you to get some good laughs and forget our economy going down the toilet.

Starting this October 14th, now available as a two-disc boxed set from Comedy Central DVD and Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes the latest collection of shows from the most inflammatory female comic around.  The Sarah Silverman Program – Season Two, Volume One is ready to burst out of your television screen with a whole new kind of inappropriate.  Bring home this outrageous comedy series today!

This is actually the first half of the second season, but it was released as is due to the writers’ strike.  The second half is currently premiering on television.  In these six episodes, Sarah and her friends get into all sorts of trouble.  Sarah ends up joining a radical anti-abortion group who are planning to blow up a clinic.  She also ends up doing something certainly wrong to her dog and ends up on a journey to true self-discovery.  When a black waiter implies that it’s harder to be black than Jewish,  so Sarah puts on blackface and stars a race war.  And that’s only the beginning.

This two-disc set is completely loaded down with special features.  It comes in a box, there is a featurette of the cast and creators at Comic-Con, two digital shorts, four parts of Cookie Party and eight looks behind the scenes of the show.

Sarah Silverman is the funniest female comic out there, hands down.  Who else is going to compete with her, Wanda Sykes?  She is a whole lot funnier outside of the show, but the show certainly can have its glorious moments.  Not to mention, I, along with most of my friends, find myself incredibly attracted to Ms. Silverman.  She’s hilarious, she’s cute, she filthy.  I suppose that constitutes a dream girl in some corner of my damaged psyche.  My favorite episode in this set was the one where she dresses up in black face to try and see the world through a different oppressed race with hilarious results.  I rarely fault a television show made for adults for not being serious enough, but that is one issue I do have with Sarah Silverman.  She’s so funny, but the show can be a little too goofy and if the writers would just hone in a little bit, the results would be beyond hilarious.  Nonetheless, this show is pretty funny and well worth seeing.

Not just comic gold, it’s Silver too.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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