The Ruins (Unrated Edition)

This film was the first horror movie I had ever gone to a theater to see since I saw The Grudge.  I saw The Exorcism Of Emily Rose, but I didn’t think of that as a horror picture.  It was a little too introspective to get that title.  Nonetheless, here’s a chance for you to see it just like I did, only unrated.

Starting this July 8th, now available on DVD from DreamWorks Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment comes an unrated terrifying story from south of the border.  The Ruins – Unrated is now ready to creep onto your home screen and do some scaring of it’s own.  Pick it up today, but only if you dare.

The Ruins is the story of four friends and the two people they meet on their vacation down in Mexico.  They get a chance to visit some previously undiscovered Mayan ruins and set off to do so.  Once they get there, some natives arrive and begin screaming at the tourists.  When one of them accidentally steps in the vines covering the temple, the natives shoot one of them and force the rest up them up the ruins.  When one of them falls down the center of the temple, the rest must help him.  Down in the ruins, they discover something trying to kill them.

The special features included in the unrated version of this film include an all new ending never seen in theaters, the original theatrical ending, three deleted scenes which didn’t leave the cutting room floor, several featurettes which take a look behind the scenes, an optional audio commentary from director Carter Smith and Editor Jeff Betancourt along with several other exciting and special options.

I read that the best comparison for this film would be Touristas meets The Descent.  In retrospect, that seems to be a little generous.  Although headed up by a wonderful performance from Jena Malone, the entire plot of this film is dead on arrival.  The film is not interesting.  Horror movies usually are not.  This one isn’t even scary.  I’m even going to go ahead and spoil the movie because the central idea is so bad.  The thing which is coming to kill them in the ruins?  In the trailer, the thing which sneaks up behind one of the characters looks to be a person of some sort.  Perhaps it is an evil spirit, or some sort of crazed native, or even a crazy murderer would be welcome at this point.  But what is it which seeks to kill them?  A plant.  How in the world is that supposed to be scary?  I have one on my desk as I’m writing this.  It’s a terrible movie.

The Ruins should be left to rot alone.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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