I am not a big fan of any book that prevalently features dragons.  I’m sorry to disappoint, because I have often written of my well-stamped passport to the land of nerds.  My sister’s boyfriend likes a lot of those dragon stories and all the knights and princesses and princes and magicians and all those other people who are a part of them.  I can understand why people like them and I can understand why people are fascinated with dragons – maybe because they are make believe.  But some stories about dragons are really neat and turn the stereotypes about them on their heads.  Now one of the great stories that does just that is ready for you to bring home today!

Starting this May 12th, now available on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes a collection of classic animations from the history of Walt Disney Studios available for your home theater for the first time ever.  The Reluctant Dragon – Walt Disney Animation Collection Classic Short Films is ready to climb right out of your television screen and bring a world of fascination and old-timey animation into your living room.  Bring home this wonderful look back at the history of animation today!

This DVD contains four different short films – “The Reluctant Dragon,” “Goliath II,” “Ferdinand The Bull” and “Johnny Appleseed.”  “The Reluctant Dragon” is the story about a village that thinks it is being terrorized by a vicious dragon.  A young boy decides that he is going to set out and slay this dragon.  But the dragon he ends up meeting is all about reciting poetry and making music.  Will he be able to stop the townspeople and give them the right idea about the dragon?  “Ferdinand The Bull” is the story of a bull who is supposed to be deadly at bullfighting, but he loves smelling flowers and being peaceful.  But when he’s pushed too far, what happens then?

The special features included in this DVD of classic animations are Dolby Digital Surround Sound, the Disney FastPlay option, English, French and Spanish subtitles and a collectible litho print from one of the short films on this DVD.

I didn’t remember either of the two animations I used to love before I watched this disc.  The story about the dragon is a great one, especially because it’s the best animation on this entire disc.  It’s a gently classic style, not to mention a story that anyone will certainly love.  I also love the story about Ferdinand, which is a wonderful name for a Spanish bull.  It’s another magnificent story and, although a completely different style of animation than the dragon story, it’s a great short film.  Bring home this classic collection today!

Bring home this Classic today!

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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