Madagascar - Escape 2 Africa/Nick Penguins 2-Disc Move It, Move It, Double DVD Pack (Widescreen)

It seems as though penguins are popping up in all sorts of movies.  There was Happy Feet, which had a dancing Elijah Wood voiced penguin lamenting the loss of the fish to Japanese fishing fleets.  Then there was Surf’s Up!, a tale about penguins who live in tropical waters and love to surf.  Now a hilarious group of penguins is ready to join that highly visible cadre of their kin and it’s ready on DVD now.

Starting this February 6th, now available on DVD from DreamWorks Animation Home Entertainment comes a film all about the wacky adventures of those zany penguins that everybody loves.  The Penguins Of Madagascar is ready to launch from your television screen and right into your living room with some great madcap fun you will absolutely love.  Bring home this hilarious DVD today!

Kowlaski, Skipper, Private and Rico are back with some all-new adventures for you to enjoy.  This crack squad of penguins has been lost in Africa their commando missions must continue, even though they are away from their headquarters in Central Park Zoo.  With the King Of The Lemurs joining them now, stuff is going to get crazy for sure.  This disc contains two hilarious episodes of penguin action – “Popcorn Panic” and “Gone In A Flash.”  They are both delightful and you will love them.

This DVD is, in and of itself, a special feature, because it is only available with purchase of Madagascar 2.  However, it also has some special features of its own.  There is Alex’s dance off, a look at having the heart of a lion, video game demos and exclusive cheat codes, a look at the Bronx Zoo, printable features and a whole lot more!

To be honest, this DVD doesn’t do a whole lot more than work as a really long and very entertaining trailer for the new show on Nickelodeon which will be based around this group of hilarious penguins.  However, it does it wonderfully and it’s a great treat to see some more of those penguins, since they are the funniest part of the two movies.  The special features are funny and I laughed a whole lot more than I expected to when I first started watching this bonus disc.  If your kids, or even you, like either of the movies from this franchise, they will absolutely love this DVD.

Make these Penguins your friends today!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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