The Odd Couple

I’m not a neat freak by most stretches of the imagination, but I do prefer to keep a clean apartment.  I usually clean every weekend and pick up a couple of times during the week.  It’s almost a compulsion, because I usually feel I can’t relax or get anything done as long as everything is all messed up.  So I guess that does make me a freak.  Nonetheless, there’s a great classic movie about that same sort of person and it’s available on DVD right now.

Starting this March 24th, now available as a two disc collector’s edition boxed set from Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes one of the funniest movies ever made about two people who just don’t fit together.  The Odd Couple – Centennial Collection is ready to come tumbling out of your television screen and bring a world of hilarity and fantastic acting into your living room.  Bring home this truly wonderful classic today!

Felix Unger is somewhat fussy and prefers things to be neat, clean and organized.  He is also divorced.  Oscar Madison lives in a state of constant disrepair and makes everything around him just as messy as can be, often without even trying.  Likewise, he is divorced.  Both need a place to stay so they get an apartment together.  That’s when the hilarity begins.  Watch as they learn to live together and spend time together, driving each other completely insane.  This funny movie stars Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau and was written by the inimitable and highly talented Neil Simon.

The special features included in this two disc collector’s edition boxed set are simply incredible.  The first disc contains the film and an optional audio commentary from Charlie Matthau and Chris Lemmon.  The second disc contains a featurette about the original idea for this movie, a look at Matthau and Lemmon acting together, a look at some of the memories from the set of this movie, a look inside the making of the film, a featurette about the classic status of this movie, still galleries from the film and the production and the original theatrical trailer.

I had forgotten just how hilarious this movie is.  Both Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon are simply delightful in their portrayals of Felix and Oscar.  Come to think of it, Felix and Oscar have got to be one of the greatest film couples of all time in terms of sheer comic ability.  Also, Neil Simon was one of the best film writers of his time and probably even of all time.  All of the special features really do make this DVD a must-have when it comes to fans of this movie or anyone who likes a good movie to begin with.  I recommend this as a film you can’t miss the chance to put in your movie library.

This charming and hilarious film is anything but Odd.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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