The Nightmare Before Christmas (2-Disc Collector's Edition) + Digital Copy

I have always had a fairly active dream life.  Some are pleasant and some are just overwhelmingly strange, but decent amounts are nightmares.  There are all sorts of nightmares that keep hitting me up – I’m being stabbed, I’m on a sailboat and I don’t know how to sail, I’m stuck in a mall, I’m falling, someone is pregnant (now known as the Palin Syndrome) or any other number of wacky things.  For a while, I kept a list of my dreams each night and I would work on short stories based on the dreams.  I quit because I couldn’t keep up due to the overwhelming amount of source material.  Now there is an all new chance to see one of the best known nightmares of our times.

Starting this August 26th, now available on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the restored and remastered film which forever mixed Halloween and Christmas.  The Nightmare Before Christmas – 2 Disc Collector’s Edition is ready to come down the chimney and scare the spirit of the season right into you.  Bring home this groundbreaking film today!

Who hasn’t seen this film?  It’s one of those American films everyone has seen but seldom realizes it, just like that one with the yellow brick road.  The movie goes like this.  There is a skeleton, Jack Skellington, who is elected as the Pumpkin King in Halloween Town.  Yet he feels something is missing and discovers Christmas.  He sets out to remake his scary town and citizens into something more like Christmas, but fails to understand what it’s all about.  He leaves a trail of terror behind him.

The special features included in this 2 Disc Collector’s Edition are a tour of Jack’s haunted mansion, the uncut version of Frankenweenie with a new introduction by Tim Burton, the short film – Vincent, the original poem by Tim Burton, narrated by Christopher Lee, which formed the idea behind this film and an all new optional audio commentary by Tim Burton, director Henry Selick and Danny Elfman.  There is also a look behind the scenes at the making of this movie, a look into Halloween Town, Christmas Town and the Real World, a selection of deleted scenes, a look at the storyboards and how they compare to the film and the original theatrical trailers and movie posters.

I’ve never been a huge Tim Burton fan.  His movies are just plain weird, and not cool weird either.  I greatly enjoy a good dark film and Burton’s movies certainly fit that description, but they just don’t click with me.  Maybe it’s that comic gruesomeness which I don’t think is as funny as he does or his creepy obsession with Johnny Depp, but I generally chose to pass on Burton flicks.  Even with all the special features, which were very nice and illustrative, I didn’t get that into this movie.  Maybe I watched it first when I was too young and I couldn’t appreciate it that I should have.  Maybe it’s that the movie is claymation, which is terrible unless it’s the British guy and his dog who likes cheese.  So, if you liked the original, you are going to love the special edition.  If not, not enough has changed to make you like it now.

Make it an early Christmas with this iconic film.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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