From the Files of Police Squad! (I Love the 80's Edition)
There’s nothing better than a great comedy film.  That’s not hyperbole, that’s just straight up fact.  The greatest of those great are the parody films, the satirical which show us the ridiculous underlying assumptions in our movies and present it with a straight face.  We laugh in self-defense and it’s hilarious.  But parody movies all suck now.  I’m not going to dignify that trash by naming even one of the recent titles.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  They star Carmen Electra and, although this is surely redundant, they are terrible.  Now a true icon of the genre is available once again.

Starting this February 3rd, now available on DVD from Paramount Studios and one of the most painfully iconic decades in American history comes this tale of police and hard work they put in to keep us all safe.  The Naked Gun – From The Files Of Police Squad is ready to blast out of your television and cite you as watching one of the funniest movies of all time and sublimely so.  Bring home this earth-shatteringly hilarious film today!

Frank Drebin, a police detective from Los Angeles, begins this movie by beating up and humiliating basically every single bogeyman dictator the US feared back in the Eighties.  Back home, Officer Nordberg attempts a drug raid, but ends up horribly injured in about eight different ways.  Yet Drebin and Captain Hocken remain convinced that a drug plot still exists in the city and this leads them to discover what Drebin believes is a plot to kill Queen Elizabeth.  She is in town on a state visit and Drebin tries to protect her and ends up failing disastrously and publicly.  Yet he doesn’t give up and it leads to a battle royale finish that will catapult you right out of your chair.  Wrap it up in some of the greatest visual gags in the history of film and this movie wows you from start to finish.  This movie stars Leslie Neilsen, Priscella Presley, O.J. Simpson, Ricardo Montalban and George Kennedy.

The special features included in this DVD are English subtitles, Dolby Digital Surround Sound, an enhanced widescreen version of the film, the original theatrical trailer and an optional audio commentary from David Zucker, Robert Weiss and Peter Tilden.

Reggie Jackson has never been a greater athlete than when he tried to kill Queen Elizabeth.  Mr. October was okay in the playoffs, but was phenomenal in this movie.  In my opinion, this is the greatest movie that Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker ever made, with the exception of Airplane!  Nothing can beat that movie in terms of sheer hilarity.  Leslie Nielson is nothing short of magnificent in this movie and who can forget the glories of watching O.J. Simpson when he’s not talking about gloves or stealing sports memorabilia.  This movie also contains one of my favorite film scenes of all time.  It’s when they’re watching the highlight reel at the ballpark and the last clip is of a man jumping at the wall for a long ball and it hits him in the face and knocks his head off.  That’s nothing but monumental humor and it makes me laugh every single time I watch a ball game.  Parody movies have become the laughingstock of film lately when they should be the satirical shining stars.  This movie will take you back to the way it should be.

Don’t be caught Naked without one of the greatest comedies in your possession.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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