What is The Naked Brothers Band?  It is a wildly popular television show from Nickelodeon which has been around for a couple of years.  During the course of it’s time on television, it has garnered somewhat of a cult following.  Most importantly, The Naked Brothers Band stands at the forefront of much pre-teen programming going on in the television world.  Other shows like Zoey 101 (starring the younger system of Britney Spears) and The Suite Life of Zach and Cody (a somewhat oversexed Disney show) struggle to find the correct balance of humor, character developments, and a little bit of sex thrown in for good measure.

The Naked Brothers Band contains an actual band, the core of which are real-life brothers, Nat and Alex Wolf.  This is their real band and the show is part sit-com, part mockumentary, and all fun.  From Coop the manager to Rosalina the bassist and sometime love interest of Nat, hilarity abounds throughout each and every show.

This DVD contains three episodes and a veritable treasure trove of extras.  The first two episodes deal with a battle of the bands the Naked Brothers Band find themselves in with their rivals, the L.A. Surfers.  With the Surfers’ lead singer spreading lies about Nat and stealing his girl, things get ugly, and fast!  The third episode is about a song which Nat and Alex write at the same time.  Who wrote it first?  Who’s copying whom?   The answer brings the brothers back together and reinforces how important family is in their lives.

As far as special features go, this DVD is filled with spectacular ones!  Nat and Alex rock out and talk about their favorite songs and episodes and Cooper talks about managing the band.  Also, it comes packed with three music videos.

This is a very good family show, appropriate for kids of all ages.  And if you happen to be out of your childhood at this point and still watch the show for one reason or another, you will be able to find something to laugh heartily about.  The bands may battle, but the viewers will always win with the Naked Brothers.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com

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