Humor is a quirky thing.  Sometimes a premise is all you need to have a hilarious joke.  Sometimes it’s the punch line, sometimes it’s the twist ending, but sometimes all you need is a great premise.  And if there was ever a truly sublime premise which makes absolutely everything hilarious, it is found in this show.

Starting this May 20th, now available as a special edition DVD collector’s boxed set from Buena Vista Home Entertainment and The Muppets is one of the most revolutionary shows in television history.  The Muppet Show – The Complete Third Season is ready for you to bring home and watch whenever you wish.  Your kids will love it and the show will take you back.

For those who do not yet know, The Muppet Show is a show run by Kermit the Frog which is made up of all Muppets.  Obviously for the viewers, the Muppets are all elaborate puppets, but the entire show is nothing but these puppets all of the time.  Of course, there is the obligatory guest host in each episode.  Some of those hosts include people as varied as Kris Kristofferson, Leo Sayer, Gilda Radner, Alice Cooper, Loretta Lynn, Raquel Welch, Helen Reddy, Liberace, Harry Belafonte, Sylvester Stallone, Roy Rogers, Lynn Redgrave and Cheryl Ladd.

The special features included in this special edition DVD collector’s boxed set are some original Muppets television commercials for Purina dog chow, a featurette which takes a look behind the scenes of the show, and the “Muppets On Puppets” featurette, a one hour program hosted by Jim Henson which takes a look at the puppeteers behind the Muppets at the beginning of their careers.

This show is completely hilarious.  The entire episode which is guest hosted by Kris Kristofferson is one of the funniest moments I’ve seen on television.  The whole time, Kris is simply incredulous that he is on a television show without any other person.  He keeps laughing and even looking at the puppeteers.  The show is funny not so much because of the jokes or the sketches, although some of them are certainly quite hilarious, it’s the idea that this is a show of nothing but puppets.  To be honest, not a whole lot must have been funny back in the late seventies.  This show was popular when my dad was in high school and on Fridays, the night it was on, he would not go out for the evening until he had watched The Muppet Show.  It’s a wonderful look into the seventies and the jokes which we all thought were funny back then.

The Muppet Show is a hilariously groundbreaking show and a great look back at the seventies.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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