Oh sixties television.  You are so iconic, with your judo chops and bright colors.  You took the turmoil of a generation and let is all coalesce on the screen.  Civil rights, the plight of the poor, the peace movement.  There wasn’t really a time that had more going on in a social sense and when it spilled over unto the silver screen, it was nothing short of magical.  This was when the era of real people doing real things began to appear in television, the first bite of reality.  And what show was the golden child of this late sixties era?  That would be none other then The Mod Squad.

Luckily for television fans, the first thirteen thrilling episodes from the first season of The Mod Squad are now available on DVD for the first time ever.  So take a long awaited jump back into sixties culture; love beads, hippies, underground newspapers, black power, tough cops and tougher kids.

Captain Adam Greer and his special team of undercover cops, the Mod Squad, are back on your small screen in this exciting new DVD boxed set.  That squad consists of Pete Cochran, the rich socialite from Beverly Hills caught stealing a car, Linc Hayes, a soul brother from Watts arrested during the race riots, and the beautiful flower child Julie Hayes, caught running away from her prostitute mother in San Francisco.  All were captured by Greer and, to keep from being putting in prison, they agreed to work for him.

This is a cop drama with soul, one with actual moral dilemmas.  That is the greatest success of this show, that, for the first time on television, a look into morally gray characters is taken.

Special features included on this DVD are a very interesting featurette looking into how exactly the cast and crew of The Mod Squad came to be together, a special look at the friends of The Mod Squad, and an in-depth look into the making of the episode “The Teeth Of The Barracuda.”

The Mod Squad is a compelling look back at the social turmoil of the late sixties and one of the most intelligent and popular ways it was ever looked at.

This DVD boxed set is available on Amazon.com.

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