Imagine writing a book about a place you completely made up in your mind and it is becoming a popular best seller. Everything is as going well. You imagine your star role as being the handsome cover model as the character called “Dash”. This is how author Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock) is known as an author of exotic places. In her newest novel labeled as a romance-adventure with Alan (Channing Tatum) who has dedicated his life to embodying to the hero character.

While on tour to promote her new novel along with her star, Alan, Loretta encounters an eccentric billionaire (Daniel Radcliffe) that is obsessed with the idea of finding this Lost City that Loretta made up for her book. He goes to Loretta hoping he could get her to lead him to this Lost City. When she declines his offer as she made the whole City up, he decides to kidnap Loretta so she can take him to the city he thinks has a hidden treasure and he is determined to find it.

When it is discovered that Loretta has been kidnapped Alan decides he can become a real-life hero by saving Loretta and not just in the books she writes, so he sets off to rescue the famous author.

As they begin their epic adventure in the jungle the two of them have to work together in order to survive the elements the ancient treasure before it is Lost forever.

This movie is an action packed one and with its cast including Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, Da’ Vine Joy Randolph, Oscar Nunez Patti Harrison, Bowen Yang and Brad Pitt.

If you are interested in seeing this movie it is coming out in Theaters Only on March 25, 2022. So, grab you some popcorn and favorite drink and enjoy the movie! I think you will enjoy it! You can watch the trailer below to get an idea as to what to expect!

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