The Legend of the Crystal Skulls

A co-worker I used to have was talking to me about how she believed that the world was going to end in 2012 because of the Mayan calendar.  I, being a person who relies on reason, said that no, I didn’t believe in any significance behind the dating system of a primitive people.  I was then asked if I believed in ghosts or UFOs.  Again, the answer of a logical person is no, of course not.  I was then told that I don’t believe in anything fun.  Now there’s a new chance for you to watch a film about something that is certainly great fun along those lines.

Starting this October 28th, now available on DVD from Infinity Entertainment Group and Smithsonian Networks comes the film about the real crystal skulls in our world.  The Legend Of The Crystal Skulls is ready to burst out of you television screen and take your world by surprise with tales of aliens and psychic powers.  Bring home this informative look at an interesting topic today!

For the last 150 years or so, there have been a few skulls carved from pure crystal which were purported to be from the ancient Mayan culture.  These skulls ended up in prestigious museums in Paris and London, along with one high-profile skull in a private collection.  With the advent of the beginnings of New Age thinking in the fifties, people began claiming that these skulls were more than ancient artifacts, they were psychic devices handed to the Mayans by beings from other planets.  There were computers of a sort and we could contact to a global subconscious by using them.  Then, in 1992, a previously unknown skull was mailed anonymously to the Smithsonian Institution and tests began on the skull to see if indeed it is prehistoric.  Carbon dating could not be used, but electron microscopes found something very fascinating indeed.

The special features included in this disc are a 4×3 letterbox presentation and also a collection of previews for other interesting titles from Smithsonian Networks.

Before that really bad Indiana Jones movie, I had never heard about the crystal skulls.  Afterwards, they were everywhere.  I thought this film was very fair in its treatment of some of the far-out claims by skull devotees.  Obviously there is somewhat of a bias towards science, but that’s because science is real.  The stories presented in this documentary are very interesting and this is the perfect example of fringe beliefs meeting up with science.  That’s something this world could use a whole lot more of.

Learn this Legend today!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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