I don’t know about any of you, but I believe that drunk watching is one of the supreme nighttime activities available in America.  There are always the women who are horribly dressed for the weather and yelling shrilly at each other.  Then there are the couple random commuters on their bikes, trying to pick up women as they walk their bikes on the sidewalk.  There are men wearing the kind of crap that you find at the Buckle, acting strangely gay and yet homophobic at the same time.  And that’s just what I saw downtown last night.  Now there’s a movie about the good things one can do while drunk and it’s ready for you to bring home in a brand new format today!

Starting this September 15th, now available on Blu-ray Disc from Dimension Films Home Video comes the hilarious and high-flying film about an unlikely hero and his even more strange method of fighting.  The Legend Of Drunken Master – Blu-ray Disc is ready to come stumbling out of your television screen and show you a rollicking good time with some stiff drinks.  Bring home this funny movie in high definition today!

The British are smuggling priceless Chinese cultural treasures out of China and it looks like no one can stop them.  Enter Wong Fei Hung, a master of a style of martial arts known as Drunken Boxing.  He becomes obliquely involved in the smuggling dilemma and decides to stop it.  Then he discovers that the more he drinks, the better he gets at fighting.  But will even his additional skills be enough to save the treasures?  This movie stars Jackie Chan, Anita Mui, Ti Lung, Lau Ka Leung and Andy Lau and is directed by Lau Ka Leung.

The special feature included in this Blu-ray Disc is an interview with Jackie Chan about making this movie.  If they are going to go through the trouble to release this film in high definition, at least they could put a little more effort into the special features.

I love Jackie Chan.  He is without a doubt the funniest person to make their living doing martial arts films.  He and Chris Tucker made the buddy film funny again and even in this early film, he is amazing.  See, he’s not just ridiculously hilarious, he is also truly good at the martial arts.  His career is in a free fall now, mainly because he’s old and no longer feels comfortable doing all of his own stunts.  Now that this movie is out in beautiful high definition, you have the chance to catch one of his best movies made in his prime.  Bring it home today and see exactly what I mean.

Become a Legend in your own right today!

This Blu-ray Disc is available at Amazon.com.

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