Why wouldn’t a kid love the entire Land Before Time series?  It’s full of dinosaurs – kids love ’em.  It has bring colors and adventures – kids love ’em.  And if humor which relies upon crudities is known as being sophomoric, then every last line in the Land Before Time movies is firmly in its first two weeks of freshman year.  Yet, evidenced by the fact that the latest Land Before Time movie, The Wisdom of Friends, is the thirteenth movie in that illustrious kid-friendly franchise – kids love ’em.

The Wisdom of Friends is the thirteenth Land Before Time movie, just the next adventure of Littlefoot, Ducky, Cera, Petrie, and Spike.  Nothing can compare to the first movie, but one can suppose than an idea that good does deserve a sequel or two, but 12 might be somewhat out of the picture.  Regardless, this film follows in a grand tradition and is not as bad as half the stuff your kids could be out there watching these days.

This film stars the hilarious vocal talents of Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sandra Oh.  Also, there are some memorable new songs and some great new adventures.

The Wisdom of Friends brings along two new characters, Loofah and Doofah, the yellow-bellied Beipliaosaureses.  These funny and clumsy dinos lose their way while traveling to Berry Valley.  Littlefoot and his paleolithic gang feel that it would be best to take Loofah and Doofah to the Berry Valley since they seem far too goofy to make it on their own.  Along the way, Littlefoot teaches them his life lessons, what he calls Wisdoms.  Everyone learns and lives a little bit more in this somewhat winning story.

Included on the DVD are a great deal of special features.  Most impressively is a television episode from the Land Before Time show “The Hidden Canyon.”  There’s also “The Yellow Belly Challenge”, “Yellow Bellies On The Lose”, Sing-Along songs, and so much more.

The greatest wisdom pertaining to this film would be to avoid it in favor of a better movie, or at least an earlier sequel.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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