The idea of a magical world located just alongside ours is a pretty compelling fantasy.  There are all sorts of little secrets and possibilities all around the globe.  I’m not quite sure what the fascination is for those little worlds, but now there is a new way to explore those possibilities.

Starting this June 24th, now available on DVD from PorchLight Home Entertainment comes a magical and delightful story your whole family will enjoy.  The Lampies is ready to bring happiness with them into your living room.  Bring this magnificent show home with you today!

There are actually two DVDs of wonderful adventures from this show now available.  The Lampies are a group of people who live in lamps to protect them from the Roons.  The first DVD now available is The Lampies: Dustywuppy.  The episodes included in this disc are Captain Who?, Dustywugg Space Marine, Walkabout, The Inspection, Flash By Name, Dustywuppy, Bird’s Nest Oops and A Bit Of A Jam.  The second DVD is The Lampies: Bikey.  The episodes included in this disc are Bikey, Thunder And Frightening, Bouncer, Boris and Decoy.

The only special features this needs is lots of laughs and even more fun.  They deliver those features in spades.

This is a surprisingly good series.  The animation is great and the stories are compelling.  It is fun, it is informative, and it is a delightfully silly show.  I highly recommend it to anyone with young children.

These Lampies shine!

PorchLight Home Entertainment is a division of PorchLight Entertainment.  The company was founded in 1995 to bring high quality, family friendly media entertainment to the big screen, the silver screen, and your home entertainment center.  They currently have television shows on Cartoon Network, Animania, Discovery Kids and PBS.

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Nathaniel Jonet

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