There are certain movies which have become a part of the American experience. These are movies we have all seen and have come to love (or at least be familiar with). Those movies form a cultural background and have become part of the well we all draw our American references from. For good or for bad, this handful of films has grown to identify us and hold that special place in the realm of movies.

One of those movies would be The Wizard of Oz, another, Star Wars. Indiana Jones in his glory, It’s A Wonderful Life, the Corleone family, Scarface, Jaws, perhaps even, depending on who you ask, The Poseidon Adventure. The argument as to what movies belong in this vaunted category is an argument which can, and has, gone in since they first hit theaters.

But what of children’s films? Those movies which are made specifically for children, how is one to judge those? Would something like Happy Feet, based on the box office showings, be able to be classified as an archetypal American film? Some newer additions, Toy Story instantly comes to mind, have had a great and important effect on culture. Yet, for the most part, all strong and notable children’s movies are older and dominated by one great name: Disney.

At or near the top of the Disney pile is The Jungle Book, originally released in 1967. October 2nd of this year will be the 40 year anniversary of the film and so it is being correspondingly released in a Platinum Edition 2 DVD disc set. Although this fascinating and colorful tale of jungle life is well worth the purchase price alone, the re-release of the movie, on two DVD discs for the first time ever, is packed full of extras and welcome Disney surprises. The film has been digitally enhanced, revealing a much more crisp picture and sound. The iconic Jungle Book song, “I Wanna Be Like You,” now has a music video included in the two disc set. There are several games on the DVDs, deleted songs, a making of featurette, the surprise reveal of a long-lost character “Rocky the Rhino”, and many, many more items of great worth.

So tag along with Mowgli, Bagheera, King Louie, Kaa, and Baloo one more time on the greatest jungle adventure of our time. The perfect film to show children for the first time, or to reminisce over yourself, The Jungle Book is available as a Platinum Edition 40th Anniversary 2 Disc DVD set on October 2nd.

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