America is often described as a melting pot, or tossed salad, depending on who taught your social studies class. The point is that although we, as groups of people, still maintain some of our original differences, we give up many of them to blend in to the whole. That same phenomenon is what makes nations work and is demonstrated in every successfully integrated society. Yet if there is a group which has, over time, stood out from the integrated mess and maintained their cultural distinctives, it has been the Jewish people. Now there is a new documentary looking into the Jews in America and their culture and contributions.

Starting this February 5th, now available on DVD as a PBS Home Video Presentation from PBS and Paramount Television, is the documentary The Jewish Americans by David Grubin. Pick up this interesting look into the Jewish people today!

Quite simply put, this series, The Jewish Americans, is a look at the lives and contributions of some of the greatest Jewish Americans. This includes people from Louis D. Brandeis and Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Henry Morgenthau, Hank Greenberg, Betty Friedan, Molly Goldberg, Carl Reiner, Sid Caesar, and Tony Kushner. This series shows the significant contributions which have been made by this important group of people.

The special features on this PBS home video DVD presentation of The Jewish Americans include an interview with filmmaker David Grubin, a featurette about Jewish Cooking with Gil Marks, and a copy of a Rosh Hashanah Ceremonial Celebration.

As is usually the case with the documentaries which are shown on PBS, The Jewish Americans is both detailed and informative to a fault and also somewhat boring. Well researched, well shot and direction, and a story which is definitely well told, The Jewish Americans is a success. This series is a truly successful look at an oft marginalized and maligned segment of the American population. The Jewish Americans shines.

The Jewish Americans is a refreshing, although somewhat tedious, look at the lives of the Jewish people in America.

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