About the most favorable thing I can say is that Sony should be thankful to the hackers that created the furor over this movie. It is estimated that Sony has invested almost $90 million in production and publicity. The movie is a train wreck from the get go. Without the valuable publicity garnered from the hack Sony would have had a miserable Christmas. The Interview would have been on DVD by next Monday, and in the $2 bargain bin at Kmart by Wednesday.

I feel sorry for anyone that rushed out on Christmas day to watch this waste of time and money. I also seriously doubt that North Korea would expend any effort to wage cyber war against Sony. No doubt Kim Jong Un watched the movie on YouTube and laughed.

Lets face it, Kim Jong Un already thinks we are nuts, well he has met Dennis Rodman!

To me the question is who was the idiot at Sony that green lighted this project? Is it in bad taste? Yes. Is it funny? NO. There are many gifted script writers who understand humor, alas Sony seemed to opt for writers that couldn’t spot a joke if it punched them square on the nose.

Take my advice, do not spend your hard earned money watching it in the theater, in fact do not bother streaming it online for $6. Keep your $6 and use it as a down payment for some fine dining at McDonalds or Taco Bell.

Simon Barrett

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