Horror movies are enjoyable because they are so predictable.  When the door on the medicine cabinet closes, then you see the vampire standing behind the barely clothed nineteen year old.  The first scary bump is the psycho killer, the second one is a car or something innocuous and nice, but the third one is the psycho killer again and then everyone dies.  Regardless, I still jump every now and again.  Now there is a movie that seeks to take the classic tale of evil and disaster and put it in a standing that is much more palatable and just plain fun.  Not only that, but it’s ready on DVD.

Starting this March 3rd, now available on DVD from MGM Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes a harrowing tale of the power of the devil and his impact in the life of people.  The Haunting Of Molly Hartley is ready to scream right out of your television screen and scare you right to death with a story of souls and devils and the quest to set everything right.  Bring home this frightening and intense movie today!

Molly Hartley is a beautiful and smart seventeen year old high school student whose mother just tried to murder her.  After her mother was committed, her father decided they should move and start things over again.  Now Molly is hearing voices and seeing things, evil things, and it’s starting to scare her.  The doctor finds a tumor and removes it and everything gets better.  Molly goes to parties and hooks up and has fun.  Then the voices come back and she finds out what’s going to happen when she turns eighteen.  Turns out her mother sold Molly’s soul to the devil to save her life and she becomes his once she’s an adult.  This film stars no true discernable actors, but the lead actress does look touchingly like a young and attractive Jodie Foster, the girl from 90210, the girl from The Riches, the girl from Music And Lyrics, the actor who plays Nate Archibald in Gossip Girl is in it and so is the actor who played the daughter in Swingtown.

The special features included in this DVD are a widescreen version of this film, Dolby Digital Surround Sound, English and Spanish subtitles, along with cast interviews with Haley Bennett, Shanna Collins, AnnaLynne McCord and the director, Mickey Liddell.

Molly Hartley is deliciously attractive, especially in that prep school uniform she wears.  It makes me miss the young Jodie Foster, the one I remember from Hotel New Hampshire.  Chace Crawford looks far more attractive in this movie than he does at Nate Archibald, mainly because he doesn’t look like a privileged jerk for most of it.  He is dreamy.  I thought this movie was darkly hilarious, although I don’t know if that’s what the director and writer intended.  It is a taut psychological thriller and it does accomplish that much very well.  There is a sense of impending doom through the whole movie and the characters, even if they are somewhat stilted and stereotypical.  Nonetheless, it’s hilarious, because the false drama and high expectations of high school are delightfully interspersed with real moments of true drama about such things as the devil and your soul being sold.  I enjoyed this movie and I think those looking for a new twist on a horror movie will like it as well.

This movie will Haunt you.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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