Golf is as boring as good behavior.  Oh sure, it’s nice to be outside and in nature and actively doing something.  Problem is, you have to pay so much for it and you have to put up with all the rich people and it’s simply so ostentatious.  The only thing that makes it interesting is Tiger Woods, because he is the most dominant athlete of all time in any sport.  That’s an indisputable fact.  But there were giants of the game before him and there were some inspirational stories back then as well.  Now one of those early stories is ready for you in a whole new format!

Starting this June 16th, now available on Blu-ray Disc from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment comes the movie about the true historical story of the caddie who worked his way up to competing in the highest level of golf championships.  The Greatest Game Ever Played – Blu-ray Disc is ready to slice right out of your television screen and land a bunker shot in your living room through this fantastic movie about golf and the people who play it.  Bring home this great movie in high definition today!

Francis Ouimet started out his association with golf as a caddie.  But this working class youth had a dream of competing against the best golfer of his time, the great Harry Vardon.  So, with his own caddie, the hilarious ten year old Eddie, Francis sets out to overcome all the obstacles in his way.  With his natural talent and exceptional drive, Francis finds himself battling against his idol at the U.S. Open Championships.  How will this inspiration story end?  This movie stars Shia LaBeouf, Stephan Dillane, Peter Firth, Elias Koteas and Josh Flitter and was directed by Bill Paxton.

The special features included in this Blu-ray Disc are a look at the historical character of Francis Ouimet, a featurette about this actual golf battle in history, a look behind the scenes of the making of this movie, an optional audio commentary from director Bill Paxton and an optional audio commentary from author, screenwriter and producer Mark Frost.

This movie wasn’t a big hit when it first came out and it’s still not exactly the gold standard when it comes to the burgeoning market of inspirational sports movie.  But being the silver standard still isn’t too bad.  Shia LaBeouf, whether you like it or not, is one of the true new stars for the easily digestible films of this current era.  He puts in a moderate performance in this movie and the story itself is actually pretty good.  Of course, it is a true story, but it’s a classic underdog story.  Who doesn’t love an underdog story?  All told, this is one of the best movies made about golf, because it doesn’t star Adam Sandler or make me want to kill myself.  Plus, it’s very enjoyable in high definition, so you should bring it home and find out exactly what I mean.

If you’re Game, pick up this film today!

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