Classic television shows are wonderful.  They are sweetly simplistic and often contain some great writing and plot devices.  So many television shows are simply based on the older shows and it is refreshing to go back to the source every now and again.  Well, here is one more chance for all of us to do that.

Starting this January 26th, now available on DVD from CBS DVD and Paramount Television, is the second volume of the first season of the pivotal television show, The Fugitive.  Pick up this iconic television show to watch at home whenever you want to today!

I’m sure nearly everyone knows the story of The Fugitive, mainly because of the movie starring Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones.  Dr. Richard Kimble, played by David Janssen comes home and finds the one armed man running away from his own murdered wife.  Kimble was captured and charged for his wife’s death.  Without any evidence to prove the existence of the one armed man, Kimble was sentenced to death.  But when the train carrying Kimble and his captor, Lt. Philip Gerard, played by Barry Morse, derails, Dr. Kimble is able to escape.  Now he travels across the country, always watching for the police, and tries to find the one armed man and prove his innocence.

As far as special features go on this disc, the episodes are presented in a full screen format with an English language track.  They are still in the original Black and White.  In fact, each episode was transferred directly from the original negatives with the audio restored.  That’s pretty good as far as special features go for a television show which was released  in 1964.

I have always thought that The Fugitive was an amazing show.  I used to catch episodes every now and then late at night on TV Land.  Now that I see the second half of the first season, I see why The Fugitive is spoken of as being a pivotal show in American television history.  It is exciting, it has an aspect of a moral dilemma which draws the audience in, it is a compelling story.  Although Dr. Kimble is not exactly an anti-hero, he was the closest thing to being so at time in American television.  In that sense, the show was certainly ground-breaking.

Run to your local store as fast as you can, grab this second half of season one of The Fugitive in one arm and enjoy this legendary show.

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