A good action movie is hard to find.  That’s undeniable.  It needs more than sweet special effects and stuff blowing up and bullets and more explosions (hint, hint, Michael Bay).  There needs to be a story which draws you in, a struggle between good and evil, characters which feel real and involve you personally.  Of course, some great chase scenes and some dramatic shootings really don’t hurt at all.  Now one of the action movies which made the genre awesome is ready in a whole new format.

Starting this February 24th, now available as a Blu-ray Two Disc Set from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes one of the definitive cop movies of all time.  The French Connection – Blu-ray Disc is ready to shoot out your television screen and get your heart racing with this magnificent tale of action and adventure.  Bring home this timeless film today!

In New York City, there are two narcotics detectives who are dedicated to their jobs and to keeping drugs off the streets.  Popeye Doyle and Buddy Russo are struggling to break a heroin smuggling ring which has a French connection to bring in the high quality junk.  Yet one of the criminals decides to try and kill Popeye and that’s when Doyle starts to take it personally.  He chases down the criminals, far outside of the city limits and he won’t stop until he gets his man.  This classic movie stars Gene Hackman, Fernando Rey, Roy Scheider, Tony Lo Bianco and Marcel Bozzuffi.

The special features this two disc set comes with are completely overloaded.  The first disc contains William Friedkin introducing this movie, an optional audio commentary from William Friedkin, an optional audio commentary from Gene Hackman and Roy Scheider, a trivia track and an isolated score track.  The second disc contains a selection of deleted scenes, a look at the famous chase scene, Gene Hackman talking about Popeye Doyle, Friedkin and Grosso remembering making this movie, a look at the color timing of the film, a look at making the scene of a crime, a featurette about the music in this film, a look at noir cop films, a BBC documentary about this true story and a featurette about the untold stories from the making of this film.

I’ve seen this movie several times and I think it’s fantastic.  I even liked it so much that I read the book about the true occurrences the movie is actually based upon.  This is my favorite Gene Hackman movie of all time and it’s that magnificent chase scene that really puts the enjoyment past the breaking point.  And to see it in high definition?  It makes such a big difference that it’s nearly unbelievable.  Also, it has two whole discs of special features.  This two disc set will show you everything you could have ever possibly wanted to know about this classic film.  Bring it home today and you will thank yourself for a long, long time.

Get French today!

This Blu-ray Two Disc Set is available at Amazon.com.

Nathaniel Jonet

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