The Day the Earth Stood Still (Two-Disc Special Edition)

A couple of weeks ago on To The Best Of Our Knowledge, the incredible radio show from Wisconsin Public Radio, they were talking about science fiction and the importance of it as a genre.  Several guests said that science fiction was becoming one of the few genres where the main character can be an idea and not necessarily about the people inside of that idea.  Science fiction is the place where we can ask what if and then watch what changes.  It also makes a great metaphor for our own problems.  Now one of the true classics of this genre is now available on DVD all over again.

Starting this December 2nd, now available as a two-disc special edition from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment comes one of the most classic science-fiction tales of all time.  The Day The Earth Stood Still – Two-Disc Special Edition is ready to hover down into your living room and bring some awesome early fifties alien action into your life once again.  Bring home this phenomenal and wholly groundbreaking science-fiction epic today!

Alien ships circle Earth in the early 1950’s.  One touches down in Washington DC and an alien emerges, asking for peace.  Being in America, he is summarily shot and gravely wounded.  He is able to recover, but his robot Gort protects the ship and prevents anyone from entering.  Yet Klaatu, the alien, is on a mission to show earth that their arms race is endangering their whole planet and that doing so could cause Gort and his robot guardians to destroy Earth.  But will the people of Earth hear him in time?  This film stars Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Hugh Marlowe, Sam Jaffe, Billy Gray, Frances Bavier and Lock Martin.

The special features included in this Two-Disc Special Edition are beyond incredible.  The first disc includes the spectacular original film, an optional audio commentary from Director Robert Wise and Nicholas Meyer, another optional audio commentary from a group of four film and music historians, the isolated score track, all new featurettes about using the Theremin for music in the film, a live performance of the main title song, and a featurette about the making of this film, a reading of the original short story, the Movietonews that would have played before the original film and original trailers.  The second disc contains featurettes about science fiction as metaphor, a look at flying saucers, a deeper look at the guy who wrote the short story and also at the man who wrote the screenplay, a documentary about the arms race at that time and an interactive pressbook and photo gallery.

I think this is perhaps the best science-fiction movie of all time.  This was the first film to preach so strongly and effectively against the arms race and once again defining science-fiction as the primary genre through which to critique society.  Once can certainly say that the true inheritors of this film would be Philip K Dick and Kurt Vonnegut.  The music is great and it is nearly impossible to overstate just how groundbreaking this film was.  I loved this movie as a child and it has only gotten so much better over time.

This film is Still a classic!

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Nathaniel Jonet

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