America, can we handle the truth-iness?  Or rather, can we handle Stephen Colbert and his unique brand of political commentary?  With the release of this best of DVD from his show, the Colbert Report, all of America will be able to find out just how we react to this satirical look at our political world.

Stephen Colbert, who got his start as Steve Carell’s understudy at Second City, takes on the persona of an unabashed neo-con newsman in his show on Comedy Central – The Colbert Report.  Colbert becomes a sort of Bill O’Reilly, except that Colbert, unlike Mr. O’Reilly, is unaware of just how America-centric and blatantly offensive he is. 

Colbert has had his show on Comedy Central for the last couple of years, but it wasn’t until his speech at the White House Press Dinner about two years ago that the American public began to give him notice.  In that hilarious speech, he mocked everything Bush, Republicans, and Fox News holds dear with overwhelming hilarity.  The video of that speech was circulated widely on the Internet in the weeks and days following that attack of sheer comedic talent.  Over a month ago, Colbert’s book, I Am America, And So Can You, was released.  Although funny, his shtick becomes mundane after the first ten pages.  It is in his television show, most specifically in this best of DVD, that Colbert shines.

Colbert’s best includes segments from “The Word,” the enormously funny Better Know A District, great takes and the best of Colbert’s Green Screen challenge, Cooking With Feminists, and Bill O’Reilly himself visiting the Colbert Report.  Also included are guests as famous and varied as ice cream’s Ben and Jerry, Willie Nelson, Gloria Steinem, George Lucas, Jane Fonda, The Decemberists, Peter Frampton, Morley Safer, and Henry Kissinger.

Colbert and the best of his Report show the heart behind the words and gestures of American politics and the fact that it’s both a twisted and hilarious heart give us all heed that we should not take ourselves too seriously.

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