I was a child of the 80s, but I didn’t grow up on TNG like a lot of my friends in high school.  I was old school and grew up with Kirk and the gang from TOS.  I always enjoyed the debates about who was the better captain, Kirk or Picard.  Mind you, before your estimations of nerd powers is overwhelmed, I never took part in those discussions nor will I ever.  I will fight over whether the worldview of Blair or Serena is more realistic before I have that debate.  But now here’s your chance to catch up on me where I lack with a brand new collection.

Starting this May 12, now available on DVD from CBS DVD and Paramount Studios Home Entertainment comes a collection of episodes from Gene Roddenberry’s second television show about Starfleet and the lives of the heroes inside of it.  The Best Of Star Trek – The Next Generation will beam you up into four episodes that are some of the best that this second series has to offer.  Bring home this fantastic collection today!

This DVD contains four episodes from this series, known to the true fans, and those who know what the true fans call it, as TNG.  The first of these episodes is “The Best Of Both Worlds (Part 1).”  In this episode, the Borg are back and they are coming after the Enterprise.  They take Picard and a rescue mission into the Cube takes place and ends with the discovery that Picard is gone and in his place is Locutus, the new speaker for the Borg.  The second of these episodes is “The Best Of Both Worlds (Part 2).”  In this episode, the crew of the Enterprise, now commanded by Captain Riker, are attempting to both save Picard and Earth.  But what happens when it looks like saving one means destroying the other?  The third of these episodes is “Yesterday’s Enterprise.”  In this episode, you meet one of the most confusing time puzzles when the Enterprise-C shoots through a rift in the space time continuum to meet the Enterprise-D 22 years in the future.  Picard and the rest of the crew are all on the D, but some feel that something is wrong in a way they just can’t explain.  Will they be able to put the timelines back in the right place before time runs out?  The fourth of these episodes is “The Measure Of A Man.”  In this episode, Starfleet claims that Data is their property so he cannot resign his post in the face of a dangerous experiment.  Picard decides to sue to overturn that and defends Date.  Yet the local JAG office decides the none other than Riker is to prosecute the case.

There are no special features included in this DVD, but who cares?  It’s Star Trek and just being able to own this collection of four episodes is wonderful in and of itself.  Plus, if you do buy this, you’re probably a nerd and know just about anything bonus they would have put in here anyway, so just suck it up.

Although they both exist in the Star Trek universe, the basic appeal between TOS and TNG is very different.  The first series was all about fun and adventure, finding crazy stuff and learning important lessons and hooking up with green alien chicks.  The second series is much more fundamentally grown up in that it deals with much more adult issues.    Every single cast member of TNG has both strengths and weaknesses and they’re a little bit good and evil at the same time.  Much deeper and more philosophical issues are dealt with and there is just a maturity and almost a sense of severity in the second series.  They don’t disembark to strange new worlds with foam block backgrounds and battle strange aliens.  The new civilizations they show us are the ones in our mind, the ones we are stuck in now and the ones we can possibly reach at some point in the future.  I didn’t watch this show as a child and I’ve been watching it lately but I’ve been on the fence as far as if I like it or not.  Watching this collection of episodes has made me realize that I in fact enjoy this series very much, although certainly for other reasons that I enjoyed the first one.  My favorite TNG episode of all time is on this disc, “The Measure Of A Man.”  The speech that Picard makes at the end of defending Data sent shivers down my spine the first time I heard and it still does so to this date.  Bring home this great DVD and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Live your Best life now – bring home this fantastic DVD today.

This DVD is available at Amazon.com.

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